Festival trips on a budget

Festivals were originally a low-cost activity. Think of Woodstock and the early days of Glastonbury. They were spontaneous events organized by the people, for the people. We have all seen the photos and video footage of crowds simply turning up in battered old vans, sharing food around campfires and either squeezing into a worn out

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Driving Calabria: a road trip around the toe of Italy

Historically, Calabria has been one of the poorest regions in Italy, and therefore much of the land is undeveloped. Thanks to this lack of development, there is plenty of unspoiled countryside to take in. Wonders of Calabria Located in Southern Italy, Calabria is rich with sights to be seen, but one of the most breathtaking

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Perran Springs Holiday Park

If what you are looking for is a great British outdoor holiday, then you maybe need to look no further than that wonderful piece of the British countryside, Cornwall. With its fantastic climate and waters warmed by the Gulf Stream, Cornwall attracts thousands of visitors every year. If a piece of the great outdoors is

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Cyprus by Drone

Cyprus has proven its status as a holiday destination with a culture and geography that can offer something to almost any visitor. It is the third largest Island in the Mediterranean sea and is surrounded by beautiful turquoise sea, offers mountain regions to the North and South, and is home to both Turkish and Greek

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Planning a dream luxury trip to Vegas

The glamour and excitement of beautiful Las Vegas is something everyone should experience. Although Vegas has a reputation for casinos it has far more to offer. In fact there is something for the entire family. Here are a few tips for planning your ultimate luxury trip to Vegas.   Never think about the circus the

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Golf Course Dress Codes

There are many people who have tried to get into golfing only to be scared away by something as simple as a dress code. There are clubs that are very lenient, but if you wish to play the bigger and more well-known courses, chances are they are very strict on this code. It all depends

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Touring Around Europe

Europe is a cultural melting pot, with numerous countries to visit and cities to explore, from mega cities like London, if you’re after romance you can head to Paris or for ancient history visit Rome, there are simply endless options. Europe has long been a popular holiday destination for people from all around the world

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How to keep warm at winter

When the winter chill kicks in we all know that it’s important to keep warm, but keeping warm is not our only priority these days. We want to be warm and snug but also still be looking our best! With the amount of options there are out there, especially at stores such as Get The

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Taking the caravan to Cornwall is always a winner

My wife and I enjoy the simple things in life and one of those is taking our caravan to the Cornish coast once a month, with our pet dog ‘Ralph’. One of our favourite places to visit is Perranporth a lovely little seaside town on the north coast with a very long golden beach, perfect

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Things to do in Krakow

Krakow is one Polish city that you need to visit at least once in your life, but once you go you will always want to go back. Whether it is for a few weeks or just a weekend break in Krakow, it doesn’t matter, there are things here that you must see. We will talk

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Big Ben

The perfect guide to some of the top destinations in Europe

There’s no shortage of reasons as to why traveling through Europe should be one of your top vacation priorities. It’s a place where the historical and the modern seem to coexist happily together, and home to some of the world’s most renowned architecture, museums, monuments, and parks. Furthermore, travel by train in Europe is fast

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5 of the Best Entertainment Destinations in Chicago

Image via Flickr by Jamie McCaffrey Chicago is one of America’s most iconic cities. Its rich history, bustling nightlife, and cultural heritage make the Windy City an enchanting travel destination. If you’re looking to see what this town really has to offer, check out our list of the top 5 best entertainment destinations in Chi-Town.

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3 days in florence

3 Days in Florence

Florence is without any doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Composed of nearly half a million inhabitants, it is situated on the banks of the Arno River at the foot of the Apennines and it enjoys an enormous physical and cultural influence. This is perhaps the city that is home to the

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River Cruises – Top ten tips for beginners

River cruising is a rapidly growing market. Whether you choose river cruises on the Danube or another part of Europe, you’re bound to have a great time. With more and more people choosing to cruise for their holiday we thought we’d put together a list of tips to help those joining a cruise for the

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