Winter snow activities – without the skis

The painful wipe-outs. The queues for the ski lift. The unflattering outfits. If the idea of skiing sounds about as appealing as a root canal, you may have thought a trip to a winter snow resort couldn’t possibly be for you.

But if your other half loves the thrills of the piste, what can you do – other than go on holiday on your own? Before you buy separate plane tickets and organize your own travel insurance, consider these ski-free winter snow activities:

husky riding

Try snow-shoeing

Just because you hate the thought of hurtling down a mountain, that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to get active in the great outdoors. Snow-shoeing involves hiking through beautiful snowy wildernesses wearing specialist shoes, shaped a bit like tennis rackets. One of the fastest growing winter sports, it’s easy to learn, much cheaper than skiing, and is a great workout too, burning a cake-busting 600 calories an hour, according to Snow Shoe Magazine. Great places to try this sport with the help of a professional snowshoeing guide include Finland, Colorado and the French Alps.

Go ice-skaing

If skiing’s not your thing, how about taking to the ice? Most winter resort towns will have an ice rink open to the public where you can rent skates. For an extra challenge, sign-up for a day’s skating lesson and learn to twirl like the pros.

Go husky sledding

Mush! Mush! Who says skiing is the only way to get your winter thrills? Imagine taking control of a team of panting dogs as you cross magical snowy landscapes, watched only by reindeer. Even though, admittedly, the dogs will be doing most of the work, you’ll still need to use your whole body to control the sled. On professionally guided dog-sledding excursions, you may also have to help your guide look after the team of dogs too, making sure they’re well fed and cared for. Finland, Sweden or Norway are among the best places to try this exhilarating activity.

Try tobogganing

Forget days of lessons on nursery slopes being shouted at by a bronzed ski instructor. Almost all ski resorts offer tobogganing, and it’s a popular activity for adults and children alike – because it’s so much fun! Under the careful watch of trained safety professionals, you can experience the childhood joy of tobogganing while taking in the beautiful scenery of a world class ski area. Wheee!

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