What to do on a winter city break in Winnipeg

Looking to do something a bit different this winter? Try going on a city break in Winnipeg. A perennially underrated city, there are many surprises waiting to be uncovered there.

Below, we’ll talk about a few attractions that will have you feeling like you have won the travel experience jackpot by having lived them in this amazing city in Canada.

1) Seek out some hot gaming action

Nothing heats up a frigid night in Manitoba’s capital like putting your hard earned money on the line. Winnipeg has two casinos – Club Regent and McPhillips Station.

At these two venues, you’ll find plenty of friendly locals enjoying their lives on the weekend by trying to make the most of their free time and expendable income.

From the roulette table to the fun $1/$2 and $2/$5 poker games, you’ll find plenty of ways to bond with them over games of chance.

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With all the games commonly found in the pit available in these online casinos, you’ll get up to speed in no time flat.

2) Discover The Forks

Winnipeg has long been a meeting place between First Nations tribes and in more recent times, with Europeans.

In recognition of this fact, a bustling market known as The Forks was established a couple of decades ago, and quickly, it became a focal point of social life in Winnipeg.

While it is not as vibrant as it is a summer, taking a chance on this place in winter will yield you plenty of amazing baked goods and crafts.

Additionally, you’ll also find a skating rink that will get you in touch with the cold weather in a way nothing else can.

3) Explore the Exchange District

Before the Panama Canal dealt a bad beat to Manitoba’s capital in the early 20th century, Winnipeg was rapidly developing into Canada’s version of Chicago.

When growth halted in the 1920s, Winnipeg had amassed a handsome collection of art deco skyscrapers in a part of downtown known as the Exchange District.

Lovingly preserved through to the present day, they make for amazing sightseeing for visitors who won’t quite believe their fortune as they stroll the streets of this city’s downtown core.

4) Take in a Jets game

After enduring the heartbreak of losing their NHL team to Phoenix during the 1990s, the people of Winnipeg got a chance to get their Jets back after the second attempt to develop a franchise in Atlanta fell through.

Since arriving back in town, the Jets have performed well at the box office, if not on the ice. If you want to avoid trying to win the lottery with regards to finding spare tickets on game day, be sure to buy yours days in advance of the match you wish to attend.

Once inside, you’ll get to experience the intensity of one of the greatest games on Earth, so be sure to cheer for the home team – place a bet on them too, as this will make the action more interesting!