Why Live in the American Deserts?

Many people choose to live in the desert, some were born there and wish to remain where they were brought up, and some people will move there to get away from the sprawling metropolis and pollution that are dominant in other regions, and trade it in for the beautiful views and atmospheric scenery of living in the desert.

american desert

The climate will always help settlers who wish to move into the desert regions of America, with warmer winter, fall and spring time weather conditions, as well as the increased dryness in the air, which is healthier for our bodies, this can be an increasingly beneficial alternative to living in the city.

Due to lower populations, residents of the desert regions of America often have little competition in finding a suitable job for themselves, if you can find a nearby employer. The land is mostly undeveloped as well, which allows you more freedom when it comes to space and possible extensions of property once you have settled in. Houses prices in the desert are usually much cheaper than in a cosmopolitan area, and as such, you should be able to get more for your money. Day to day shopping and living is also cheaper, which is just yet another incentive for living in the desert.

However, these have just been the reasons for moving to or staying in the desert, and, unfortunately, as with most things, everything has a flip side. Living in the desert can be a pain, it is more than likely that you will be out in the sticks and miles from the nearest decently sized town (including emergency services, such as the EMT or Fire Dept.).

As well as the good weather, you will also have to prepare for seasonal monsoons, of which the humidity levels will reach up to around about 35%, causing you to plan your day events either very early in the morning, or late at night. There are also sandstorms, dangerously hot weather during the monsoon period and sometimes even a shortage of water.

Whilst most animals in the desert are harmless, there are still several that should be mentioned to be careful of, here are a couple of the more dangerous types, however, be sure to check with the local government for any warnings and tips for the local wildlife.

Snakes – These reptiles require warmth to help them digest, in particular, they enjoy warm concrete. Always be sure to shut your doors at night, especially your garage’s door and to check your steps in the morning before going down.
Coyotes – Members of the dog family, these animals are likely to carry rabies, and will chase after your pets. They can scale walls, so be sure to keep your pets inside when unattended.

Luckily, many of these difficult situations can be combated with modern day technology, equipping an efficient cooling system to your house will help block out some of the heat, as well as having professional irrigation for keeping crops well watered. Busier areas in and around Phoenix, Arizona can rely on Uncle Bob’s storage to keep their valuable items out of harms way during periods of drought, monsoon or sandstorms.