Where can I go in April?

April is a perfect time of year for a last-minute holiday. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious beach holiday or the ultimate shopping experience, for many holiday destinations, this is the best time of year to visit: prices drop, the summer crowds have yet to arrive, and temperatures in many countries are at their most agreeable.

If you’re looking for a beach holiday, there are many countries in South-East Asia where the weather is at its optimum. Malaysia is in-between monsoon seasons, resulting in relatively dry weather on both sides of the peninsular. Likewise, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines experience favourable weather at this time of year. However, most of South-East Asia continues to be unbearably hot and humid, and should be avoided. If you prefer more moderate temperatures while frolicking on the beach, then consider heading to the Mediterranean. This is the best time of year to beat the summer crowds while still enjoying relatively warm weather. Turkey, Greece, and the Balearic Islands are all popular destinations featuring stunning coastlines. For those searching for the ultimate beach holiday, another option is to head to one of the islands of the Caribbean. With picture-perfect white sand and azure water, the beauty of the beaches here are second to none. Following the Easter peak season, prices here also drop considerably, meaning you can get paradise for a bargain!

This month is also an excellent time of year for shopping and sight-seeing on a city-break. In Europe, the summer crowds have yet to arrive and the weather is mild, allowing you to explore and shop to your heart’s content in cities such as Paris, Rome and Barcelona. New York and Sydney are also vibrant cities with excellent shopping opportunities, which are worth exploring at this time of year. These days, many credit cards are accepted in businesses and institutions world-wide, enabling you to shop with ease and extra rewards like Asia Miles.
If you’re looking to experience some exceptional natural beauty, there are several places in the world where nature is in its element. This time of year is famous in Japan for the flowering of the cherry blossom trees. If you don’t mind the inevitable crowds, then join in one of the “panama” parties held in the parks around Tokyo. Likewise, in Korea, a yellow and white blanket of blossoms spreads across the country, heralding the start of the “Spring Flower Festivals”. Specifically during May time, Damyang Bamboo Festival is famous for its bamboo alcohol and food. No less beautiful, is the vision of the multitude of peach trees flourishing in Beijing. In Europe, springtime is in full swing – English woodlands are transformed by a blanket of bluebells, while tulips abound in Holland. Both the East Coast and West Coast of the USA boast stunning scenery this time of year, and are perfect places to go to enjoy outdoor activities such as whale-watching, camping, and hiking.

Whatever your decision regarding your holiday destination, you should remember to consult the embassy of that country in relation to recommended vaccinations and visa restrictions, and book flights on a credit card for added travel protection and rewards. Apply for an online credit card if you don’t have and don’t miss out. Happy travels!