When and Where is Best to See the Northern Lights

If you’re a traveler—as I assume you are since you’re reading this website—then seeing the magnificent northern lights is a must. The swirling light displays across a starry winter sky will literally take your breath away and will remain in your memory forever.


There are really only two critical elements that you need to keep in mind when it comes to spotting the northern lights. 1) Be at a very high latitude and 2) Be there in the winter. While these aerial expositions can never be 100% guaranteed, you can maximize your chances of catching a glimpse of the northern lights from locations like Iceland, Alaska, Central Scandinavia and Northern Canada.


This magical phenomenon occurs when a stream of charged particles radiated by the sun, interact with the Earth’s upper atmosphere, this is why it’s easiest to see them from the northern most areas of the world.


Another factor in seeing the northern lights is the level of solar activity. The activity is determined by a cycle of the sun, lasting approximately 11 years. Luckily for us, the most recent of the sun’s cycles is supposed to culminate starting this winter and lasting through the next couple of years.


There are a ton of different ways to get up north and catch the Aurora Borealis in action, even though it lasts only a couple of minutes. You can view them on you own, hiking in the Canadian tundra. You can take a northern lights cruise in Norway. You can even go on various Northern lights holiday expeditions. Experiences like these are offered from various companies; Eclipse Holidays offers tours lasting from five to ten days.


Boasting events such as snowmobiling, visits to the Aurora Sky Station and other winter sport related activities; these Northern Lights catered vacations are great for the young and mature alike. Typically, these trips are led by astronomy experts who are full of anecdotes and explanations that will leave you hungry to return and see them again.  This season it has been common for the Northern Lights to be visible daily in the aforementioned locations, so get out there and see those lights, personally I prefer the Iceland northern lights, but they’re all amazing!