Visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Take a merry stroll through Tudor England in Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare. Cobbled streets are adorned with bright flower boxes on streets that meander around the river Avon. Experience the rich countryside setting once the inspiration for such classics as A Midsummer Nights’ Dream and As You Like It.

Begin your journey through the histories by finding some Shakespeare’s Birthplace tickets. The home in which he spent his childhood until he moved into his marital home, has been welcoming his fans for 250 years, including many poets, novelists and playwrights who were inspired by is work. The house has become a shrine to Shakespeare. Sit at the desk where he composed his earliest plays and sonnets, become a part of the story that shaped the modern English Language as it is spoken now. Offering a tantalising glimpse into the creation of the world’s most renowned literature, watch the plays brought to life in front of your very eyes throughout the day.

The birthplace doubled as his father’s workshop as a glove maker, as well as a farm. Authenticity is maintained throughout the house with traditional features, and actors carrying out tasks and chores as they would have been done. The contrast between the regular activates and the magnitude of Shakespeare influence in writing reverberates around the house.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage provides a romantic escape. The stunning cottage gardens, decadent with blooming flowers and mature trees are the stage on which Shakespeare performed courting rituals that led to his marriage to Anne Hathaway. Rest in the shade of the willow arbour and listen to performances of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets. Anne Hathaway’s cottage is a mile away from the main village centre, but the beautiful countryside makes it an enjoyable cycle or stroll.

For a true insight into the “country bumpkin” style of life, visit Mary Arden’s Farm, the home of Shakespeare’s mother. Surviving as a real working farm you are pleasantly welcomed to the rich aroma of traditional freshly baked bread with old-fashioned preserves prepared in the kitchen. Try your hand at archery or bring home a souvenir while basket-weaving.

After working hard in the outdoors and nature, head to Hall’s Croft, the home of Shakespeare’s daughter Susannah and her husband. The period home still has features from its days as an Apothecary. The doctor consulting room still contains original manuscripts, books and potions jars.

Finish your tour through Shakespeare country at Nash House and New Place, where Shakespeare lived toward the end of his life. The homes are side by side and grand sizes represent the wealth and fame accumulated by Shakespeare in his life time. Nash House was the country residence of the family, when they were retreating from London after the season. It was here that Shakespeare is thought to have composed his later works such as The Tempest. For more on the story of Shakespeare, explore his life from birth through to death, by visiting the 5 most influential homes that inspired his writing. It you are looking for Shakespeare’s Birthplace tickets then you have found the right place!