Upset stomachs are a thing of the past if you pack Bimuno!

Anyone that has travelled has experienced an upset stomach, it’s part and parcel of travelling. Yes, trying new food is one of the best things you can do when you are on the road, but unless you have a stomach of steel then you will surely end up suffering one day. No one wants to be unable to leave their hostel, guesthouse or hotel just because they may need to be heading to the bathroom any second. This is more important if you are going on a week long holiday, you don’t want to have to spend two or three days in the hotel because that will ruin your trip. I have found that using Bimuno Travel Aid means that you do not have to worry about your stomach playing up during your travels, it really is fantastic! The guys over at Bimuno have finally created something that all travellers or tourists should have in their bag every time they get on a plane to go to a foreign land.


What is Bimuno Travel Aid?

Bimuno Travel Aid is 100% natural. The health supplement has been designed so that it boosts natural bacteria (good bacteria) in your digestive system, this in turn means that it helps travellers to sidestep all of the usual issues that come with trying new types of food that your body isn’t used to.

How do you take it?

This is the best bit, Bimuno Travel Aid comes in the form of chewy pastels. So all that you have to do is pop one in your mouth and chew away. Personally, I took them all in one go and it worked great for me. If you love coconut then you will love the flavour of the pastels, they all have a similar taste to a coconut.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! I have already recommended it to a number of friends and they have all been very happy and surprised by the results. I don’t hit the road without it, I don’t want my stomach to ruin any trip that I’m on, I know that Bimuno’s Travel Aid does all it can to make sure that I don’t to have to spend any recovery days inside my hostel. Chewing 3 pastels each day just to make sure that my stomach is in tip top condition is more than worth the minimal effort! I urge everyone that is about to go on a trip or is already on a trip to head off to the pharmacy now and track down some Travel Aid, trust me it is well worth your time!

You will be able to find Bimuno’s Travel Aid in all good chemists on the hughstreet, to take a closer look at what is in the pastels and for information about the company head to the the Bimuno website – You are also able to keep up to date with competitions, news and other information at both their twitter page @BimunoUKand Facebook page.