Unusual things to do in London

Tourist handbooks and websites will most likely give you a good idea of the main attractions in London. But what about the lesser-known wonders of the big city? Try some of these ideas for a memorable trip to the UK’s capital.

Step back in time at Dennis Severs House 

Dennis Severs House is intended to make you feel as though you’re walking through an old painting. Designed by the late Dennis Severs as a habitable home, the house was made to look and operate as it would have done in the early 18th Century. Candlelight and an open fire are the only sources of light within the house and each of the rooms is styled to reflect a different period of London’s history.

Take one of the house’s Silent Night tours where you explore the building in silence and then enjoy a glass of champagne and a chat with the curator.


Visit Europe’s oldest operating theatre

Hidden in the roof space of an English Baroque church lays Europe’s oldest operating theatre. The word ‘theatre’ is well-placed to describe this bizarre space as the room received its fair share of attention in its time. Medical students would frequently visit the theatre to witness operations and learn from their more experienced colleagues. Tours of the space may be slightly morbid, so don’t eat in advance!


Take a language class 

London is a diverse city with tourists visiting from all over the world. Why not try your hand at a new language during your stay and expand your knowledge of a different culture? Tourists and locals alike can visit UIC London to discover a full range of language courses to suit all levels. For those seeking German courses in London, there are a wide range of groups and services all across the city.


Work up a sweat while sight-seeing

Fancy an outing which will keep you fit? City Jogging Tours will keep you on the go while showing you the best of iconic London. The 6km tour starts at Nelson’s Column on Trafalgar Square and will take you around some of the most famous sights in the city.


Take a pie-making class

 manonthelam_2Marika’s Kitchen offers expert pie-making classes, using only fresh ingredients, for small groups looking to experience one of England’s culinary treasures. Pies have a strong presence in British history, almost becoming an art form during the reign of Henry VIII. Master the essential techniques of pie-making and recreate your London experience whenever you like.

Enjoy Richmond Park on horseback

One of the most beautiful public grounds in London, Richmond Park is far too large to experience in just one day. However, on horseback it’s a real delight which allows you to see the best of the grounds at your leisure. Kingston Riding Centre offers horse tours with experienced horse-back guides – making your visit a memorable one.


Go bowling, retro-style

The Shake, Rattle and Bowl combines the best music of the 50’s and 60’s with some great American food. Opened in 2006, the diner attracts locals and tourists alike for bowling, dancing and fun.