Travel to Sweden

For the prospective traveller, the country of Sweden has a lot to offer. It is the third largest country in the EU. With snow peaked mountains ideal for skiing and snowboarding in the North, and miles of lake-land and forested areas further south, much of the vast Swedish landscape is covered by breathtaking scenery. There are a number of ways to fly to the country with airports located in the capital city of Stockholm, in Oslo, and in Copenhagen. These cities are proud of their heritage and culture while also continuously developing themselves as multi-cultural hubs. Each one has plenty of cultural, heritage and artistic events to enjoy throughout the year.

Laponia, Sweden

Laponia, Sweden

Flights to Sweden

As it is the capital city, flights to Stockholm follow a frequent schedule from most European countries. Many airlines have reduced their fares to more competitive rates. This allows for accessible flights to Oslo, and also flights to Copenhagen, as well as to the capital, from countries around the world at much reduced rates compared to the past. Flights to Copenhagen from London fly frequently from all major airlines, so there will rarely be a time when there are no flights available.

Things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm has an impressive history. Its first mention in the history books goes as far back as 1252, when it was an important site in the mining trade. Today it is one of the most vibrant and metropolitan cities in Sweden. With such a long past, there is plenty for the history buff to see and do in the city. Those interested in its more recent past will not be disappointed either. Fans of ABBA will love the ABBA city tour that traces the bands steps to fame. In keeping with its Viking history, the Vasa Museum has one of the best preserved shipwreck on continuous display. With interactive displays, tours, and boatloads of culture, the museum is a great way to learn about the political and social spheres of the 17th century in Stockholm. The boat was originally built in this era. Visitors will enjoy sampling the cool modern Scandinavian culture as well as visiting the historic sites dotted throughout the city.

Things to do in Copenhagen

While not actually Sweden, Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is very close and has more than enough to offer the interested traveller. It is rated as one of the best cities in the world for the quality of life of its people, and is also rated as one of the most environmentally friendly cities. Often referred to as the city of spires, the Copenhagen skyline features the spires of its many churches and castles. A great way to take in the architecture is to take a stroll down The Ströget. This is the longest pedestrian route in Europe and it will bring the walker through many of the many architectural wonders of the city. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants en-route where strollers can take a rest and do some people watching. In fact, Copenhagen is also famous for its numerous bars and restaurants- with the highest number of them per capita in the world.

Sweden is a unique country, with a varied and exciting history. With more frequent flights flying at reduced rates from around the world, there is no reason not to visit. It offers a multitude of activities and things to see, depending on which part of the country that is visited. From its snow covered mountains, to the vibrant cities, and the breathtaking scenery of its forests and lakes, Sweden has much to offer the discerning traveller.