Tourist Sights To See In London

When a tourist comes to London for the first time, they can be sometimes overwhelmed with the amount of sights and attractions that are available to them.

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What happens is that they try and cram so much into the few days that they end up getting frustrated and stressed, as they don’t want to miss anything important.

London does have a large selection of tourist sights that are all definitely worth visiting. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

Covent Garden

This is home to a world famous district, where restaruants, history, shops, culture and entertainment are all clustered together into one ball of tourist delight. Someone once said that the Covent Garden was like having the whole continent of Europe right bang in the center of London. It has a rich history and street performers can be seen all over the place.

Tower Bridge

Here, tourists can learn about this extremely famous bridge and how it was created as well as how it works. The panoramic view is breath taking and it will appeal to those photographers out there visiting the city.

London Eye

This hugely popular attraction attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. When the weather is good, you can see for miles and miles in all directions around London. The New Year’s Eve fireworks display at the facility is spectacular and should definitely be witnessed if the chance ever presents itself. The capsules now have Samsung Galaxy 10.1 inch tablets that can further enhance the view’s experience.

You should consider a short city break to London if you’ve never been there before.

House of Parliament

With over a thousand years of history behind it, the House of Parliament has helped sculpture Britain into what it is today. It’s one of the greatest iconic structures in the world. It’s open to members of the public. Visitors can even go a see some debates that are taking place in the building, see Big Ben and even climb the clock tower. If you wanted a thorough guide, then a 75 minute one is available from Monday to Saturday.

Westminster Abbey

This is another must see tourist attraction for visitors to the city. The abbey is full of rich British history and has a plethora of stories relating to past Kings, Queens and poets. Each year more than one million people come here to visit and almost none leave disappointed. This 700 year old structure is the coronation of the Church of England.

Hopefully these few tips will help you on your next visit to London.