Top Tips for the Samsung S20

Hands up who has a Samsung S20? Well, today is your lucky day… Setting up a new phone can often be a nightmare. Choosing wallpapers, uploading your favourite apps – getting the phone just the way you like it. All of this takes time and of course, we love getting out shiny new phone up and running asap! The Samsung S20 is no different, and for such a powerful phone you should know how to get the best out of it. So, here are some top tips for the Samsung S20. 


Make sure you link to Windows

This takes no time to do and is simple. The main benefits are, you can link you S20 to your desktop and use the PC to make calls, send messages and loads more. You will also be able to get the phones screen on your PC. The S20 also has a universal copy and paste function that allows you to switch content between both devices.


Make the most of your megapixels

If you want to get the most out of the 108 megapixels, just take the time to change the ratio using the 

Camera app. Press on the 3:4 button and switch it to the 3:4 108MP or 3:4 64MP setting. Do not forget that the S20 Ultra comes with one of the largest sensors found on any phone, therefore you will need to change the settings to use the above 108MP. Be warned, that by using 108MP you are using up a lot of the phone’s memory. 


Stream your favourite music

With the S20 Series, gone are the days of sharing Bluetooth speakers – switching from one phone to another phone to hear a song. You will not need to pair and unpair with this Samsung. With the Music Share feature, a person can find your phone and send music directly to your phone and then it can be played through a speaker via your S20. You just need to head to the Bluetooth settings and choose Select and turn on Music Share and off you go!


Use Chrome as you default browser

The S20 internet options are crammed with cool things. But let us face it, we all enjoy using Chrome as a browser. Especially when searching for our favourite sites such as the Lucky Pants Bingo Site and others. All you need to do is go to settings and find default apps. Then change it over to Chrome. This will allow all your links to open using Chrome. 


Display your battery

Simple but effective! Just add your battery percentage to your status bar this will stop you stressing about how much juice you have left. It is found on the Notification Shade, just pull it down and open the quick settings toggles and then press the 3-dot menu. You will find a status bar and if you toggle, you will see battery percentage readout. Just flip the switch and you are done. 

Just follow the above tips and you will learn to get the very best out of your brand-new Samsung S20 and optimize it to its fullest!