Top Tips for Moving Abroad

If you’re thinking about moving abroad, whether for work or just to have an adventure and see what happens, consider yourself one of the risk-takers who is making the most of life! Living in a foreign country has the potential to expand your worldview and completely change your life. If this is a step you’re ready to make, be aware that there are many preparations you need to make in order to make this transition smooth and stress-free. Read on to learn some tips for moving abroad, so your experience can be as fantastic as possible.

Research the country beforehand
Whether you’re interested in moving to Chile, Thailand or the Czech Republic, you’ll want to do some research on that place before you get there. Get familiar with their currency and the cost of living so you can make some kind of budget (or at least an idea of it.) And learn about what kind of visas you will need to enter and stay in the country. Some countries might even require international fingerprinting, which you’ll need to get done before you go. You might even want to pick up some language books to get familiar so you can speak with the locals when you arrive.

Social networking
Many foreign cities have sizeable expat populations of people who have had the same idea you do! It can be very helpful to connect with some of these people before you arrive. Check out any Facebook groups you can find for the city you want to move to, and start chatting with expats to find out about the local hotspots, and any job or housing leads. You can also check out Couchsurfing for your destination and see if there are any hosted meetups. It’s a great way to meet expats who are already living abroad, as well as travelers passing through.

Minimize your belongings
Your time abroad will be much more seamless if you don’t arrive with massive suitcases packed with all of your belongings. Starting out more minimally will help you ease into life without the burden of moving all your things around. This will leave you feeling lighter and more free so you can change locations if needed. It will also help get you in the mindset for a lifestyle that is more based on experiences than it is around belongings.