Top 5 things to do in Perth

Perth has been getting a lot of good press recently, and I can see why! Not only does it have the largest inner city park in the world, it’s also not quite the tourist hotspot like Sydney and Melbourne, which means you won’t be fighting with all the other backpackers for hostels and bars!
Perth gets 300 sunshine days per year so how can you resist and not visit a city where it shines all year round, not to mention the fact that there are so many cheap flights to Perth from all around the country? Read on to know more about Perth and the list of five top things to do there:
Perth city

Perth CBD
Perth CBD is where to go to do some shopping or museum hopping. One of the tourist highlights in the CBD is the Swan Bell Tower, it gets mixed reviews but it’s still the number one sight to see. It can also be great to stroll along the Swan River shore or take a ferry ride on the water, the days in Perth can pass in a blurry, chilled vibe, and the locals won’t deny it!


We can not miss visiting Perth’s beaches but it’s very hard to narrow it down it to just one beach to recommend, so we’ll list a couple. Perth does the best job of combining a city lifestyle with its easy to reach beaches, all of which are good for almost all water sports including surfing, swimming, nude bathing, you name it. Cottestloe is one of the local’s favorite beaches and a top spot for a sunday session with friends or family. Other favorite beaches are the Floreat Sorrento, City beach and Scarborough


Kings Park
The highlights of Kings Park are in the Botanic Gardens, it can be easily accessed from the city. The garden has plants from all over Western Australia and attracts lots of animals and birds. One favorite activity in Kings Park is the Tree Top Walk along the Lotterywest Federation Walkway as you can see great views of the trees that surround you, and have a glimpse of the Swan River and the Old Swan River Brewery below it. The grassy picnic are on Fraser Avenue offers a great place to relax and sit-back to see the views over Swan River and the CBD.


Hilary’s Boat Harbour
Hilary’s Boat Harbour is not a waterpark, it’s a real marina where people are actually allowed to swim, play and kayak with real beaches to relax on. There happens to be a small amusement park with kiddie rides and games along side too so it promises fun for the whole family. This harbour also has lots and lots of dining and shopping options. When the evening kicks in it it has bars and night clubs all in line for you, so that drunken walk needs only needs to make it a few metres until the next round!


Rottnest Island and Swan Valley
Rottnest Island and Swan Valley aren’t technically Perth BUT they are easy to reach from Perth. So if you are visiting Perth there’s always a good chance to make it here as a day or weekend trip out. Rottnest Island for me is a must-do! The island is another world and its car-free so most people are there on bicycles. There are over 60 great beaches around the island, all of which are breathtaking.
You can also get an opportunity to go surfing, diving and kayaking on the island. The island is home to the famous Quokka which is a tiny kangaroo (or oversized rat depending on your opinion!). On the other side is Swan Valley, located northeast of Perth. There’s plenty of indulgent tasting to be done at this place especially with its wine, beer and chocolates. It also offers beautiful scenery throughout its great wildlife park, complete with kangaroos and koalas. I’m staying on the fence here guys, it’s too tough to choose between these two highlights, hit them both up and decided yourselves!