Tips for Stress Free Business Travel

Working as a business professional, travel is generally an ever-looming aspect of your duties. It may sound glamorous to those who don’t live it, but those who do will know that business travel is far from the high life luxury it can appear to be.

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Rather than having to dread heading off to your designated destination, there are a few simple tips and specific services, such as business class flights, which can ease the bane of business travel. Browse a specialist like Trailfinders and see what offers you can get on premium travel.

  • Although premium business class flights may offer a larger luggage allowance for passengers who are travelling further and for longer periods, don’t ever be tempted to pack more than you need to. Buying luggage that meets the restrictions for cabin holds will save you the time and trouble of lengthy check-ins and baggage collections.
  • Business professionals who travel regularly can benefit from having luggage specifically used for when they are on the move. Keep the basics in the bag, and top up with your essentials after each journey. This can cut your packing prep time considerably – simply add suitable work attire before your flight.
  • As well as having a packing plan in place, pick clothing that will travel well. Dark blues and blacks work well, disguising any unwanted marks. Fabric that doesn’t crease easily is also advantageous – lay off the linen during the summer months. Reduce the bulk by wearing one pair of shoes and packing just one other distinct alternative.
  • It is important that your mind is alert when working, and travelling any distance by plane can definitely take its toll. Look at flight lengths and ensure you indulge in a little bit of sleep while in the air – much easier when you’ve arranged business class flights. Dress comfortably, when possible, and relax before you land abroad.
  • Homesickness can be a killer. Get in touch with your nearest and dearest. This is often the boost you need to stimulate your efficiency during any lonely hours while you’re away.
  • Likewise, staying in touch with those at the office is essential. Pay the premiums required for Wi-Fi access and ensure you stay on top of email correspondence and any impending deadlines. This will guarantee that your workload after the trip isn’t any heavier than it should be. Look into pricing; it may be cheaper to use your mobile network’s facilities, rather than the hotel’s internet facilities.
  • Eat well. Take plenty of fresh fruit, cereal bars, and water. Keep your energy levels up, and stay clear of processed foods, caffeine and alcohol, which can all have an adverse effect on your mood and productivity.
  • Book your flight, and your trip, with a travel company that can provide a dedicated team of staff, trained in dealing with professionals and their business travel needs. Not only will this ensure a fantastic level of service, it can aid the elimination of the stresses and strains of jet setting for business.


Be sure to stay upbeat, research the area and learn a little bit of the language. Just a few small changes, in addition to your business class flights, can make business travel sail so much more smoothly.