Tips for getting the most out of your ski holiday

There’s nothing quite like spending your holiday above the top of a snow-covered mountain, making your way elegantly down the slopes. To get the most out of your next ski holiday and enjoy each and every moment of your travels, these tips can be a great deal of help. Whether you’re in experienced skier or are just beginning, are traveling with the family or by yourself, it is important to get the most out of your days on the slopes and to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Ski-In/Ski-Out Accommodations

When planning a ski-resort holiday, it is best to select somewhere that offers a ski-out/ski-out feature. This is a fantastic convenience for any skier. Simply put on your gear and strap on your skis. Head right over to the lifts directly from your hotel room, saving you lots of time and energy, improving your overall trip.


Early Morning Programs

Early morning programs, also known as “Fresh Tracks” at some resorts, enable guests to head out onto the slopes in the very early morning before other guests come out for the day. This means less crowds and more time to spend learning the ropes and getting a feel for the slopes without others getting in your way. While these programs typically do cost extra, it’s great to take advantage of to make the most out of your holiday in the mountains.


Renting Gear at Night

If you are in need of renting gear during your holiday, the best idea is to rent the night before you plan on using it. In most cases, rental shops are practically empty at night, giving you the time to select appropriate gear without crowds. In the morning hours, families fill up these shops, trying on boots and picking out their skis which can make it quite a hassle to get what you need. Most rental shops allow you to rent the night before for your convenience.


Concierge Services

Those who are really looking for convenience out of their skiing trip can take advantage of concierge services. When heading out to the slopes in the morning, the concierge will have your skis, boots and boards ready and waiting for you. Simply grab your gear and go. Many resorts charge extra for this service, but it can really help you to save time, making the most out of your trip.


Book Lessons Ahead of Time

Lessons can be helpful even if you are already familiar with skiing. Beginner classes and more advanced classes will help to teach you new skills that you will be able to test out during your holiday. If interested in taking lessons, be sure to book them in advance, as they can fill up quite quickly with others wanting to learn. By having these booked in advance, you will save valuable time during your trip that can be better spent hitting the trails while feeling the cool winter breeze in your hair.