Three must-do activities in Tenerife

When you go to Tenerife, you probably intend on spending most of your time on the beach or out at night enjoying the party feeling much of the island has to offer.

Mount Teide

While you’re there though, don’t miss out on three great things to do on this beautiful Spanish island.

Mount Teide

As you’ll see from many of the black sand beaches in Tenerife this is a volcanic island. Since 1954, the area around Mount Teide has been a national park and this is a place that you have to visit while you’re on the island. Depending on how energetic you’re feeling, you can either hike for five hours to reach the mouth of the crater of the world’s third largest volcano, or you can take the cable car up to the mouth instead. Once you’re up there, you can walk around the crater’s rim, and enjoy the fascinating lunar landscape. You can also apply for a permit to scale the last 200m to the summit of the volcano, but don’t try going any further without a permit – access is strictly controlled.

Pyramids of Guimar

A slightly out of the ordinary day trip on the island is to visit the Guimar Pyramids, which have been opened to the public since 1998. The six remaining pyramids (there were nine) are built from lava stone but without mortar to hold them together. Norwegian adventurer Thro Heyerdahl theorised that the similarities between the step pyramids of Guimar and those in Peru and Mexico suggested that ancient civilisations had migrated between the two continents. However, others claim that the pyramids only date back as far as the nineteenth century and that they were a by-product of agricultural activity. Excavations in the area have proved inconclusive – go and see what you think.

Try windsurfing

If you’ve never even tried windsurfing, then Tenerife is one of the best places to try it out. El Medano is a popular windsurfing resort, and you’ll find everything you need here to have a go at windsurfing – places to hire kit, instructors to teach you, and of course, the right beach to do it on.

Where to stay

If you want to be at the centre of the action, then head to Columbus Hotel Tenerife, in the lively resort of Playa de las Americas. If you’re looking for somewhere a little quieter, head to the north of the island and pick a resort like Garchico, where you’ll be able to hear the sea’s waves breaking rather than the latest tunes booming out of all the clubs on the seafront.