Things To Know Before Going On A Hiking Adventure

There are many steps that a person can take before going on a hiking adventure, and by following all of these tips, a person can ensure that their hike is particularly safe and enjoyable.

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The Area

A person should know the area in which they are hiking. If a group is hiking in a large national park or in a national forest, it’s easy to get lost, and if the group begins to take the wrong path, they can end up being in the forest for days.

Looking up the area on Google Maps is one way to get a good idea of the terrain and to memorize the locations of the major trails.

Bring A Compass

Many people rely on their mobile devices for directions, but there are two issues with using a mobile device to effectively navigate in a forest. First, it’s difficult for a mobile device to get a signal in a large national forest, and second, the batteries of most mobile phones go dead relatively quickly.

Instead of relying on a signal from a satellite or a battery, a compass is guided by the Earth’s magnetic field, and it can always help a person with directions.

Bring Water

Many people who go on short hikes fail to bring water, and if the person becomes lost, they may become dehydrated or be forced to drink water from a river.


If hikers get lost in the middle of the woods in a relatively cold climate, having matches is vital. The alternative method of starting a fire, which involves rubbing two sticks together in order to generate heat from the friction, can take hours.

A Tent

Hikers should always bring a tent if they are planning on staying in the forest in the middle of the night. A sleeping bag won’t deter animals, and it won’t provide protection against rain and snow.

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Know How To Climb

Many national forests and parks have steep hills and valleys, and choosing to go around these valleys instead of climbing them can cause hikers to travel many extra and unnecessary miles.


Sometimes, hikers will have to swim across a relatively large river, and in the middle of the woods, there are few man-made bridges.

A hiker should bring a waterproof backpack to protect their supplies and gear while they are crossing a river.

Know The Animals

Hikers should know the animals that are prevalent in a particular forest before hiking it in.

In addition, hikers should know the steps for treating certain types of bites, such as a bite from a venomous snake, when they are many miles away from the nearest town or city.

Shoes With Cleats

Many people wear shoes that do not have cleats or heavy boots on their first hike; however, these types of shoes don’t grip the ground nearly as well as shoes that have cleats.

Shoes that have cleats will help a person to climb steep valleys and to traverse muddy ground more easily and more quickly.

When going on a hiking adventure, there are many steps to take. Some of these include knowing the area, bringing a compass, having several bottles of water, bringing matches, preparing to set up a tent, knowing how to climb, being prepared to swim, knowing the animals that are prevalent in the forest and wearing shoes that have cleats.