Things to know before choosing a river cruise

River cruises are becoming more and more popular in Europe. Both young and old are now electing to go on a river cruise for their holiday, there are many more activities and facilities to entice more customers. Cruises are everywhere in the world, they offer different scenery and a relaxing way to see a country. There’s something for every type of holiday maker, whether you want to go on a romantic river cruise or an action packed one, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

A lot of people are choosing to go on a cruise for the first time, it is often the case that a lot of people don’t fully know what to expect. We have compiled a list of important information and tips for those going on a river cruise.

Here’s the list:


River boats differ from cruise ships when it comes to dining, they offer ‘open seating.’ People can walk into the dining room for breakfast, which is usually a buffet and served between 7am to 9am. Lunch is also a very laid back affair, it also the case that lunch is done in a buffet-style as well. River boats usually don’t have a buffet for dinner, diners are expected to arrive at the dining room as close as possible to the opening time, this will ensure that the service is good and that the food is freshly prepared. The time of dinner is not fixed and it is dependent on what activities people are doing on shore.


Be sure to bring cash. Before you leave home you should jot down a list of all the countries that you will be visiting, once you have your list you should head to the bank to get the necessary currency. Obviously if you’re on a river cruise in Europe you’ll mostly be using Euros. It is always good to get all of your currency before you leave home because it means that you will be able to avoid any high commission or bad exchange rates whilst on your cruise. The boat will usually have an exchange service, but it is more than likely that you’ll get a very unfavourable rate. If you do tip on the cruise it is best to tip in Euros.


When travelling by river it is normal that the weather will vary, if you are travelling during spring or autumn you will experience varying temperatures and precipitation. Remember to bring a light rain jacket and also an umbrella. A jumper is always a good idea, bring it with you when you go on excursions on sure, you can always take it off or leave it on depending on the weather.

If you follow the simple tips above your river cruise will be a lot more enjoyable.