Things To Do In Yorkshire


Yorkshire is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in all of the United Kingdom. It never ceases to amaze me and I love its mix of cities and nature. It is the ideal place to visit for a holiday and there is something to do every single time I head back there. Here are some of my top picks for things to do in Yorkshire.

Visit Robin Hood’s Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay is a beautiful example of the ruggedness of the coastline of Yorkshire. Here you can find huge cliffs looming over fishing cottages and a steep path all the way to the the sea. The architecture is so quaint and beautiful and the accommodation in Robin Hood’s Bay is some of the best that you are going to find in this part of the world. The sea is a wonderful place to hang out and the area is quite famous for fossil hunters, due to the huge number of specimens here. As well as all this there are many nice shops, cosy cafes and a whole host of cultural events and festivals.


This beautiful town sits of the River Esk, which divides it into two parts. The town is multi faceted with a very interesting mixture of a fishing port and a seaside resort, with a very beautiful sandy beach. There is a ruined abbey that lies on the East Cliff that looms over the village and creates a very interesting backdrop to what is a wonderful place to visit. The area is extremely famous for jet being mined here and you can buy this in many pieces of jewelry that are sold in the area.

Hayburn Wyke

This is a relatively unknown place when you compare it to Whitby and Scarborough and is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the more crowded parts of Yorkshire. The bay is scattered with boulders and its own waterfall. This is the ideal place to climb on the boulders and jump between the rocks. Another great thing to do here is to  walk along the cliff tops, as well as exploring the woods in the surrounding areas.

Skipton Castle

This beautiful old castle is over 900 years old and is a stunning example of a medieval castle. In fact, many believe it to be one of the most complete and well preserved of any in the whole country. You can explore the entire castle and see what life would have looked like and quite literally take a trip back in time. The kitchen and bedrooms are fascinating to see and were my favourite part. Heading out to the picnic area and grabbing something to eat whilst looking over an incredible place is also a highlight too.