Things to do in Krakow

Krakow is one Polish city that you need to visit at least once in your life, but once you go you will always want to go back. Whether it is for a few weeks or just a weekend break in Krakow, it doesn’t matter, there are things here that you must see. We will talk about some of these great things in this article.

Royal Wawel Castle

This wonderful castle was the political and cultural heart of Poland throughout the 16th century and is now a museum that is divided into five distinct sections. These are the crown treasury and Armoury, Royal Private Apartments, State Rooms, Lost Wawel and the Exhibition of Oriental Art. These sections will all require a separate ticket, but each is well worth visiting. This is one of the main attractions of Krakow due to its cultural and historical heritage and this also makes it a tourist hot spot, so book your tickets in advance to avoid missing out.


This Nazi concentration camp in one of Poland’s saddest reminders of the genocide of the Jews during World War II, but is also somewhere that many Polish people lost their lives during the war. Visiting this memorial can be one of the most profoundly moving experiences that you will ever have at a tourist attraction during your lifetime. The camp is located around 50km west of Krakow in the small town of Oswiecim and is a popular tourist destination, making transport links to the site quite good.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

This salt mine is located 14km southeast of Krakow and is famous for its depth and carvings out of salt blocks. There is an extensive network of tunnels spanning roughly 300km and is distributed over nine levels, with the deepest being some 300 plus metres under the earth. Not all of the mine is accessible to the public, but you can take a guided tour of the upper three levels of the mine and also visit the 22 chambers that are connected and function as a museum.

This mine is also famous for the sanatorium that is located about 130 metres under the ground and is often used to treat allergic diseases through overnight stays, so this is also beneficial for those suffering from these.

Other attractions include the altars and chapels carved from salt and even some underground lakes!

Don’t just use this article as your guide, I can guarantee you that there are many things that Krakow has to offer that