The top 5 rock climbing spots in Wales

Wales is well known for its climbing spots, but as many as there are it’s difficult to decide what areas to head to for the weekend if you’re not from the area or haven’t been before. As far as challengesgo, there are fewer endeavours more rewarding than three days of rock climbing. You can click here to check out Visit Wales’ official page on activity breaks, but we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 climbing spots in Wales to take the hard work out of research – you’ll need all the energy you can muster for taking on those crags!

1. Llanberis Pass

The Llanberis Pass has long been a centre point for climbers of all skill levels and we imagine it will continue for quite some time in this fashion. The crags here are varied in nature and are also incredibly concentrated, so take some time to pick out the right routes for you. Routes include Dinas Cromlech, Cyrn Las and Dinas Mot, among others.

2. Gogarth

The running theme on all of the Gogarth crags is drama. Sheer faces and some unbelievably steep pitches make for exciting routes for more advanced climbers. Gogarth is widely acclaimed as the best cliff in all of Britain, despite the intimidating nature of its walls. A real bonus of this area is the fact that in winter, many of the crags are suntraps, keeping you snug and those fingers nimble.

3. Slate Quarries

Situated above Llanberis, the slate quarries offer an almost out of this world climbing experience. The quarries have been out of operational use since the 1960’s and now, as resourceful as they are, climbers have converted the old mine workings into some astonishing new routes. With new routes being bolted all the time, this place will have you returning over and over.

4. Ogwen Valley

Since the very early beginnings of the sport, the mountains of Glyderau have been closely associated with climbing. With climbs named Capital Punishment, Suicide Wall and Mur Y Meirwon (the wall of the dead), there’s no wonder that this has lasted the test of time as one of the most popular climbing spots in whole of the UK. While this is famed for its more challenging climbs, there are routes for climbers of all skill levels. Take some courage with you for this one.

5. Tremadog

Near Porthmadog to the south of Snowdonia, Tremadog is known widely for its quick-drying rock which has a level of friction like few others, making it a great spot for amateur climbers. The multi-pitch, dolerite walls of the crags are challenging in places, but can be overcome with a little bit of savvy. Tremadog is great in the winter – especially when it’s too wet to attempt the mountains.