The Best Urban Adventures in New York City

New York City is perhaps the most famous city in the world. People travel from thousands of miles away just to enjoy a piece of this city. The typical New York tourist is looking to eat some great food, possibly enjoy a Broadway show, and take in the sites that make New York famous. But there are some other, more daring adventures that reveal a whole different side to New York City.

Statue of Liberty ferry New York

Mystery in the City

New York’s local CBS reports the, “5 Best Murder Mystery Events In New York”. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the thrilling excitement of ‘murder in Manhattan’ without having to deal with any true crimes. The top 5 mystery adventures they list include:

Muder Mysery Inc.

-You get a 3 course dinner, dancing, and a show.

-“. . . longest running Murder Mystery dinner theater in New York and around the world.”

They Improv.

-“They” hosts interactive murder mysteries you get to participate in.

-Events can be altered depending on your dinner and venue options and wants.

Watson Adventures.

-Price: $29.50-44.50.

-Solve “chilling murders” while scavenger hunting through museums.

The Murder Mystery Co.

-Choose a theme or create your own.

-“Innovative” themes combine mystery with magic!

New York Dinner Theatre.

-Cost varies depending on the show you pick.

-Two different interactive themes to choose from.

If you love mystery and mayhem you will want to be sure and include one of these experiences when you plan your itinerary!

Urban Adventures

One thing that makes NY so unique is that it’s a melting pot of the world. Whether modern day-dreamers coming from abroad, or the generations of old, traveling through Ellis Island, New York has been a hub for new comers from around the world. New York City Urban Adventures describes their multicultural tour at They state,

“We’ll walk the narrow, tenement lined, streets of an area known by names like Kleindeutschland, Chinatwon, and Losaiada. Whether Dutch, Jewish, or Chinese we’ll learn about and taste something from every group that has called the neighborhood home and you’ll leave full and happy.” reveals that out of 98 reviews, 11 were very good, and 83 were excellent! This adventure will open your eyes to many worlds at one time through a sampling of their cuisine and culture.

From Bridges to Law and Order

New York City is full of beautiful architecture that displays its rich history. The city is also iconic for being a hot spot for legendary shows to film. NYC Adventure Tours offers the best of both worlds with their tour adventures. shows their tours for:

Law and Order Walking Tour: Tour with a real detective and visit locations of crimes scenes from movies, television and real life.

The Twin Bridges Walking Tour: “from the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor, to the canyons of Downtown Manhattan and the elegant edifices of the Upper East Side”.

Green-Wood Cemetery: Off the Map: See the “hidden gems and strange secrets” of the most famous Victorian cemetery in NY.

From Captain Kidd to the Titanic: Maritime Ghosts of Old New York: Travel through the West Village by way of the Hudson River hearing about sailors, gangsters, pirates, murders, poets, and more!

Being Prepared

New York is a big city and if you’re planning a trip there you want to make sure to be prepared on how to get around. offers some tips about riding the subway.

1. Entrances are typically located on street corners.

2. MetroCard allows 1 free transfer within 2 hours of first swipe.

3. Get a map!

4. Double check signs!

If you choose to drive in the city, find parking near Penn station or other populated places for safety.

Make sure the next time you’re in NYC to check out one of these lesser known amazing adventures!