The Best Places to Shop in Montreal

Located in the Province of Quebec, the city of Montreal is one of the most famous cities in all of Canada. While this city has one of the richest and more diverse histories in the entire world, it must not be forgotten that it also is frequented by millions of shoppers each year. If you are one of them do not forget to take your credit card and start accumulating rewards points at a higher rate for every dollar you spend. For some smart shopping, use Costco card that offers you cash back on a wide range of purchases. Let us have a brief look at some of the best places that this city has to offer.

montral canada
Eaton Centre

This is the most famous shopping complex in all of Montreal. Tourists and locals alike flock here each day to partake in many of the internationally recognised brand names which are sold. When one grows tired of perusing the countless stores, a multiplex cinema is located within. One of the major benefits here is that credit cards are accepted, therefore eliminating the need for a wary traveller to carry around local currency or worry about what exchange rate he will be given.

Rue Ste-Catharine

This well-travelled street is a must for one seeking to find the most local and unique items which Montreal has to offer. The idea of open-air shopping has found its niche here, as one can slowly peruse the numerous shops containing the latest fashions. Should the shopper be looking for even more choices, several major shopping centres are located nearby.

Underground City

The name alone sounds intriguing, and what this subterranean complex has to offer will not disappoint. Stretching for nearly fifteen miles under the streets of Montreal, countless shops and boutiques can be found. Additionally, the aforementioned Eaton Centre can be accessed from here as well. Due to the fact that Montreal can suffer from rather inclement weather from time to time, this option is perfect for the traveller looking to avoid the cold and the damp. Once again, by using credit cards, one does not have to worry about going above ground to find that elusive ATM in the dead of winter.

The Old Port

As the name denotes, what was at one time an old shipping port has now been transformed into a niche market where many diverse and unique souvenirs can be found. This area is perfect for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the major city centres.

These areas are to name but a few of the myriad which Montreal has to offer. With the modern advantage of credit cards, purchasing that unforgettable keepsake can be just moments away.