The best places to get married in Europe….

Your Wedding day is special. It is probably going to be, without exception, the biggest day of your life and you are only going to do it once. So, most important of all, you need to get the location right. But where are some of the best places to get married in Europe…?

backpacking in rome

Firstly, what could be more romantic than getting married in Paris, The City of Love? You could take a trip down the Seine, visit the Eiffel Tower and exchange your vows in opulent beauty in one of Europe’s most glamorous cities! And after the Wedding, you could even take a trip to the Loire valley to visit the Chateau d’Usee; said to be the inspiration behind the French fairy tale of the famous Sleeping Beauty! What could be more romantic than that?

Well, how about getting married in Rome? Another of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Rome boasts some of the finest, most stunning churches in all of Italy and is a great location to tie the knot. Again, you could easily combine your Wedding with your Honeymoon as there is plenty to see and do in Rome from a trip to the Vatican to a journey up to the top of St.Peter’s Basilica that affords some of the greatest views all across the city.

It’s a very special moment in your lives, so make sure to book a good hotel with all the comfort you deserve.

Finally, you could keep things more traditional and simply get married in Scotland. With its fine array of historic Castles, Scotland is a truly fine Wedding location and another great place around which to base your Honeymoon. You can’t get much more traditional than having your Groom wear a kilt in order to say his vows and this could be the final touch that makes your Wedding day more memorable for all…

Just remember, getting married outside of the U.K is not without its share of risk so wherever you choose, one thing you should definitely ensure is that all you and your guests have adequate Travel Insurance. You want your day to be memorable and special, but you should also ensure that it is so for all of the right reasons!