Even the most foolhardy of travelers know the benefits of travel insurance so there’s no need to overemphasize. Most travelers will put in a lot of effort and time planning a perfect trip but they often forget about a crucial safety net.. Travelers are vulnerable to accidents and other illnesses especially when in foreign land. It should be understood that nothing will help prevent these situations but they will step in to help you when the unexpected happens. You got to admit that everyone will feel better knowing that should something unthinkable happen, they’re covered.

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Don’t let this be you (me after my motorbike crash in Chiang Mai, Thailand)

A few benefits come with a good travel product and they include;


Medical evacuation

You should be able to be moved quickly, either by an ambulance or a helicopter, to a better facility if you are not being properly treated where you currently are. If it is not possible to move you and your situation cannot be sorted over the phone, then a medical specialist should be sent to your location. After hospitalization, if medically necessary, you will receive transportation to your to help speed up your recovery.


Medical assistance

To ensure only the best care, youwill receive unlimited advance cash, against a valid credit card, for your medical payment to ensure that the treatment is ongoing. If your medication happens to be lost or stolen one is entitled to prescription replacement assistance. Other assistance that you may receive includes; vaccine and blood coordination transfers, emergency ambulance transportation and a hotel room if you have nowhere to go after the hospital stay.


Travel assistance

No need to worry if you can’t drive back home due to an illness or accident because your vehicle will be returned to your home. There is no bigger buzz kill than lost luggage and a good travel product should give you tips to avoid this and how to track your lost luggage. There should also be assistance on replacing your identification documents if lost or stolen. The winner here will definitely be the interpretation service while in a foreign country and need help in an emergency.


Companion assistance

Being in hospital is bad enough so let alone being in a foreign country. If u had travelled alone and will be hospitalized for more than 7 days, a loved one will be offered a round trip ticket to be by your bedside. How awesome is that? If that is not enough if you have travelled with your kids and they have no one to take care of them because of your illness, they will be flown back home. God forbid it doesn’t happen but if it does and you pass away, your travel companion will receive a ticket back home.

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Better safe than sorry :S


Good travel assistance should be able to offer these services for you get your money’s worth. The best example of a company that offers the above and more is EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE PLUS, available to US citizens to be covered anywhere in the world.