The benefits of family ski chalets

Ski chalets were created when people tried to build accommodation in the Alps that was similar to an English country house. Chalets certainly are more fun than hotels, you can stay with your friends or family, you all live together, cook together, clean together and ski together. Ski chalets come in all sizes, they usually accommodate a minimum of 6 people with the maximum being around 25. People either choose to book the whole chalet for their group, or if they are travelling in a small group they book in to a chalet that they will share with other winter sports enthusiasts. Fully equipped family ski chalets are a great choice when you’re taking your family skiing. Child care is your primary focus when you bring your family with you on a holiday, here we will discuss some of the big advantages that chalets have over hotels.


– You will be staying in the same chalet as other families – you’ll be staying with your friends or people you meet on holiday. This means that your children will make friends when they play and eat together. The other people in the chalet are expecting to be staying with kids, this means the noise kids make won’t be an issue.

– Just like when you are at home your children’s room will be close to you – this means that if you have young children you can hear if they are crying and you don’t have to bother with a baby-listening device or service usually offered by hotels.

– Staying in a family specialised chalet means that everything is focused on making a great family friendly environment. The small details that make all the difference are taken care of; things being sterilised properly, stair gates become the main focus and parts of the chalet. The difference is that if you go to a hotel you have to worry about all of the child friendly features and when you request them the hotel sometimes doesn’t know how to deal with your request. Chalet’s make the whole process of going on holiday with your kids a lot less stressful.

– The fact that a chalet is a lot lot smaller than hotel means that everything suddenly becomes very easy and very manageable. Kids often have habit of losing thing, many parents can testify to this! For example if one of your children loses a ski glove or misplaces their ski helmet it means that you only have to look around the chalet and not the whole hotel!

People are choosing to stay in chalets more and more these days, this increased demand has also come with an increase in the expectations of customers. The increased expectations means that people are rarely disappointed when they arrive at their chalet. A family ski holiday is a big investment so it is important to choose a trust worthy company and also to make sure that the standards of the food, service and facilities will match your needs.