Take a trip to follow the Ashes tour

For northern hemisphere sports fans who love the summer weather, what better excuse do you need than the forthcoming Ashes series as a great reason to head over to Australia this winter?

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Time’s running out to follow the whole series – it starts on 21 November. But if you could, you’d also be able to take in five different cities of the Australian nation at the same time. It’s a great event to hang a tour of Australia on. Each of the cities offers its own wealth of cultural sightseeing possibilities – as well as a great selection of pubs and bars! The Ashes starts in Brisbane. Matches in Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne follow, with the tour coming to a conclusion in Sydney on 7 January.

It’s arguably one of the best times to visit Australia – as the Ashes take place during the Australian summer. In fact, you’ll have to contend with some pretty full-on heat while you’re there. To stay with the British Lions during the whole tour would require quite some budget, of course, and an understanding boss at work who’d give you that much time off. But even if you can only go over to Oz for a couple of weeks, you could work your trip around one of the major matches if you’re a fan of cricket and cricket betting.

Unusually, the away players are the favourites to win the Ashes this year. Generally, the fact that a team is playing on home soil would improve their odds, but as England have been the victors in the last three Ashes series, the market is backing the English team again. At the moment, odds on sites such as the betting exchange Betfair are as short as 11/10. Of course, Betfair also offers a whole range of other markets to bet on around the Ashes, including Top Run Scorer, First Innings Bet and Top Wicket Taker.

For anyone who enjoys watching the Ashes – whether they get to see them live in the sunshine in Australia or just on the TV at home – you can get onto Betfair at any moment to back or lay any speculative punts that you might have in play, banking profits or cutting losses as you watch the games develop.