Why I Started A Travel Blog


There are so many reasons to start a travel blog, but not everyone may know about how to how to make a travel blog and all the complexities involved. The reality is that it is very easy and the benefits are just amazing. I thought I should write this blog to talk about some of the reasons to start your travel blog today.

You can share your experiences

I love the fact that you can very easily share your experiences with the world, of course the first people to read your blog will naturally be your own family, but have you thought that having a blog might mean that you have readers all over the world? Imagine having readers in the most obscure places in the world and connecting with these people. I absolutely love receiving emails from people letting me know that they love what I am doing and the best thing is even getting the opportunity to meet up with some of these people on my travels.

Making a bit of money

Doing things that you love and getting paid is the perfect combination. Of course realising money from your blog won’t happen on day one, but there is the potential for you to earn something from your travel blog. I see this as a bonus rather than relying on it completely. I like that working hard can get you to the point of making money and it is great to get some money from something that you really love doing.

Travel for free

Putting effort into your blog can also benefit you in the form of traveling for free. Many companies will be eager for you to review their services and can provide some free flights, accommodation or other things as a result. Of course, it should not be your sole goal of the travel blog, but it is definitely a very nice perk to have. Even if you are getting some great discounts, it can be a huge difference in helping you to keep your travel dreams alive.

The memories

This is one thing that many people don’t think about when it comes to travel blogging, but it is often a huge advantage for the bloggers themselves. You can easily review your thoughts and memories at a given point in time and this is such an enriching thing. I really enjoyed reading about experiences that I have had at certain points in my life, especially the most memorable ones. Surprisingly over the years I have forgotten some of the details in some of these experiences and it is always a great idea to read over them every once in a while.