So much to do!

Some holiday destinations are timeless. Spain has long been a holiday favourite, with such places as Fuengirola and Torremolinos destinations that everyone knows, whether they’ve been or not.

Fuengirola is a fantastic destination for families seeking summer fun, not too far away, with all the amenities and familiarity of home, albeit with cloudless skies. There are some great priced deals too, meaning money saved, which in my eyes is always a bonus. Save even more money by pre-booking airport extras. I discovered the joys of airport parking a few years ago and have sworn by it ever since, eliminating the need for those expensive taxis and a world of convenience.

Bay Of Fornells

If you’re flying from Manchester, as I often do, look into Manchester Airport parking. This is a service I’ve used before and can vouch for it. Another great extra to add, to kick-start that holiday, is an airport hotel, meaning a relaxing stay the night before travelling. Again, if you’re heading out of Manchester, check out Manchester Airport hotels.

Once in resort, you’ll find it’s easy to get around, with a good, reliable bus service to surrounding areas, meaning there’s no excuse not to get out and explore, even if you can’t hire a car.

Fuengirola will give you all the benefits of being at home, with the added bonus of sunshine, and of course, a beautiful beach. The main resort beach is sandy and great for families, with facilities to add to your day splashing in the sea. I’d definitely recommending giving one of the many water-sports a try, for a great laugh if nothing else, but also to cool down in the summer heat.

Keeping with the water theme, one recommendation I would make is to head to the marina and jump on a dolphin spotting trip. You’re not guaranteed to see one of these graceful mammals but you do have a good chance, and it’s not one to be missed! Or maybe a day at the huge water-park is for you, as an alternative.

It’s not all about the beach and the water however, there’s a great opportunity to grab some bargains to take home on the markets – one of my favourite places to explore. Here you’ll find some great gift ideas for loved ones, as well as a bargain or three for yourself.

When evening comes around and you’re exhausted from all that Fuengirola has to offer, you can choose to take it easy, or party. There are many lively bars to enjoy, and many restaurants to fill up after a busy day. You’ll find something for every taste, with many British menus around, however I’d suggest giving some local seafood a go, or the famous Spanish paella.

Even after all these years of popularity, Fuengirola remains one of the top places to visit, and it’s no surprise considering the huge array of activities on offer. With great deals to be found, and ways to make holidays even cheaper, there’s no reason not to book. I’d really recommend the airport parking idea, check out some reviews and see what other people have to say too. Manchester Airport parking is one I can certainly recommend.

For sheer family sunshine fun, you’ll be hard pushed to beat Fuengirola.