Scenic Riding this Winter Season

There is nothing like taking the time to hit the open road and travel. As you go you stop by roadside dives for a meal, explore interesting attractions, and discover small towns with unique local flare all which make road trips one of life’s ultimate adventures.  If you really want to feel free then hop on a motorcycle and take some exciting winter trips embracing the season and the environment you’re traveling in.

colorado motorcycle rides

Colorado is a beautiful state to travel in during all seasons, but a winter bike riding trip through the Northern Rockies is something you will never forget. Winter Park is a great place to experience, especially if you love to ski or are looking for some scenic routes to take on your bike. The Beartooth Highway in Wyoming can be exciting as well and it is highly recommended that you stop for a steak at the Bear Creek Saloon and perhaps even stay the night at Irma hotel in Cody.

Ohio isn’t always revered as a beautiful state but it does have gorgeous countryside including their Amish country, which can be nice in the winter time. If you head on down to Pickering you will find wonderful museums, along with music, restaurants and the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum which any enthusiast will enjoy.

If you are taking a motorcycle trip in the cold weather make sure you are prepared with the right riding gear. One of the basic pieces of gear you need is traditional long underwear garments to go under your clothing and provide a close, warm layer of heat to your body. The next is a little more high tech but it can be a life saver if you are riding in extreme temperatures and that is an electric coat or outerwear.

This will plug into your bike while you are riding and provide a really comfortable and safe way to ride in extreme weather. Thick warm socks, as well as some really good weatherproof gloves that have insulation will be best for protection and warmth for your hands and feet.

Having the right bike to ride on winter trips is important as well. You may not want to use a high end Harley or something that might get damaged by the salty roads and rough weather conditions. But whatever you use make sure that it has a good weight to it and handles well so it will not be too unstable on wet and icy roads. Some simple inexpensive bikes that can be great for winter excursions are the Kawasaki GPZ500, a Yamaha XJ600 Diversion, and even a Honda CB500. Yes, these bikes are a bit simpler and dated, but you can fix them up and keep them in great shape by getting some basic parts and accessories from places like ADV Designs.

Make sure no matter where you go you are prepared for any situation including breakdowns and blowouts. It won’t hurt to have an emergency kit for injuries, or extra clothes to layer on in case yours gets damp or too cold. But if you are properly prepared taking a winter motorcycle trip can be an adventure like no other!