Punta Cana Guide

If you are lucky enough to book a holiday to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic then get ready to have the holiday of a lifetime! It is a great place to visit, Punta Cana resorts are some of the best in the world. You will be amazed by the sandy beaches, this area caters predominately for those that wish to lounge away their days in the resorts they are staying, this means that your every need will be catered for. Before you travel on any holiday it is key to plan ahead, here are some great gems of advice for Punta Cana.download (4)

Saving money

If you are looking to save money whilst in Punta Cana, then there are some easy ways to do it. for example if you’re looking to take a taxi then don’t ask your resort to organise it, you can save over half the fare by walking out of your escort and down the road to a taxi stand. You will find cheaper options for accommodation if you visit during the low season, March to November is the low season. There are reasons for accommodation being cheaper at these times, so make sure the weather forecast is not too bad when you book – try to avoid the hurricane season. Bartering is allowed! So when you venture out you can barter a price on anything from a street stall to a taxi fare, don’t give into easily but make sure you pay a price that both parties are happy with.

Local culture and customs

If you decide not to venture out of your resort then you will miss out on everything that is on offer here. You should at the very least head out for one day, it is only then that you will start to learn about the country’s history and culture. You ail be able to experience the fantastic coffee, rum and famous cigars. The local language is Spanish so if you know a few words you will have a great time, but fear not, if you only know English you will still be abel to get by without any problems. The currency is Peso but if you have US Dollars they will be accepted in all resorts.

Eating out

Of course it is difficult to some times leave the cozy surroundings of your resort when it comes to meal time! If you’re on an all inclusive resort then it becomes even more difficult to leave. If you do not get out and about you will find some very affordable dining options, you can always go and visit restaurants in other hotels or head to one of the international chain restaurants.