Personal Notes, Pics and Postcards; Memories when you travel

Let the memories live on. As your travels unfold, it is easier than ever to keep in contact and share your experiences. Well-preserved travel memories bring happiness, excitement, and inspiration. It could be a journal, photos posted on social networks, or received postcards that encourage someone else to take a trip to the places they’ve been dreaming about.

keeping in contact when you travel

Personal Notes

Some keep a public blog documenting their journey on the road. Others are more private about their travels. Either way, memories held in the mind fade with time, while writing makes them solidified. An effective way of doing this is by jotting personal notes on the go, or by keeping a travel diary. Small notebooks fit easily into luggage and can be pulled out instantly for quick thoughts. A tablet or laptop is good for a longer rehashing in rich detail. Rereading through old adventures is always enjoyable, although it may provoke an onset of wanderlust.



Pictures are a palpable reminder of your travels. There are instances— a beautiful landscape or an imposing temple, where words don’t have the same reach as images. Photos invoke the senses and sensations experienced during that moment and they help give others an inside look too. Bring a camera everywhere; there is something everyday worthy of being photographed.



Being connected is easier than ever with the proliferation of ubiquitous Internet services. It takes no time to send an email, instant message, or to write on someone’s “wall”. It pales to the charm of receiving an old-fashioned photo postcard. Writing a postcard is still worth it! Its value seeps from the rambling thoughts, the crossed out words, and the slightly smudged ink. The effort it takes to pick out cheap postcards, buy a stamp, and mail it is appreciated. It’s a low-cost souvenir as people tend to hold onto postcards, whereas electronic communications are often read once and forgotten.