Playing Hooky

Day after day, week after week full of activities, deadlines and responsibilities pile up. It seems like you can never catch a break when you need it the most. Sometimes you need to simply get away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life and play hooky. You can call in sick, take a day off or even leave and hour or two early from work. Each of these are a great way to clear you head and get some much needed time of relaxation.


Relax at the Spa

Find your local spa and enjoy a day of complete relaxing of your mind, body and spirit. When you have a complete day off, go for the full treatment. Start off with a deep tissue massage, facials and a manicure/pedicure. The spa is a great way to wash away all the cares and worries you’ve carried around with you the past several months.


Swing a Club at the Course

If the spa isn’t your thing, look up some tee times at your local golf course. Golfing gets you into the outdoors and gives you a great way to clear your head. You can golf alone or with a group of other people. If you get an early tee time, you can simply come into work a few hours late. That way you don’t spend the whole day away from your responsibilities, but still have a way to relax for a bit.


Hit the Town and Watch a Play

Get out of the classroom or the office and spend a day on the town. Start with a brunch at a local café followed by shopping and visiting local sites like parks and museums. Top the day off with dinner and a play at the theater. Spending the entire day having fun instead of worrying about everything else going on will rejuvenate your mind for the things ahead.

Playing hooky isn’t just for kids in grade school. Sometimes adults need to get outside the routine of things and spend a day or afternoon simply having fun. Try to talk some of your friends into playing hooky too, then you won’t have to spend the day alone. It can give you some much needed bonding time with the people that mean the most to you. To get the most out of your relaxing day, choose to do it on a Friday or a Monday. Then you have a long weekend to relax instead of trying to fit it all into one day.