Places That You Need To Visit Once In Your Life

There are so many places on this earth to see, but not all of them are so special that you absolutely must see them. The places I am going to talk about are some of the best of the best on the entire planet and something that you need to experience. Full stop. Read on to find out more about these incredible places.


You might be wondering how to travel to Antarctica and the answer is actually via cruise ship from the very southern part of Argentina. It is the most amazing place that you probably will only get one chance to visit in your entire life. I love the wildlife there with seals, many kinds of penguins, whales and many other species of birds. This combined with the unbelievable landscape with huge icebergs, endless ice, mountains and glaciers makes Antarctica the perfect place to visit. My highlight was definitely getting the opportunity to go on a zodiac tour and weave in and out of the icebergs and get up close and personal with the wildlife. Now that you are convinced you just need to book and you will be feeling a little silly that you didn’t know how to travel to Antarctica!

The Amazon Rainforest

This hugely diverse place occupies a huge area in South America and is home to one third of the world’s animal species. It is also surrounded by mystery because there are many things there that have not yet been discovered. Some even believe that the cure for cancer lies there in one of these undiscovered plants. The river itself is absolutely amazing and is the lifeblood of the forest. Did you know that there are even people that live in the rainforest that have never had outside contact before?


Norway is home to some of the most beautiful nature on the entire planet. There are forests, mountains, cliffs, the sea, rivers and fjords that you need to experience at least once in your life. This place just stuns me every time I go there and it is somewhere that I can’t stop going back to. The sights are just unbelievable and the people are beautiful too. There are also some great cities there like Oslo, Bergen and Kristiansand.


This is one of the best places in the world for me because it has absolutely everything that you could ever want. Firstly, the cities are incredible with the cosmopolitan Melbourne and the glamorous Sydney. There are also Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide to keep you interested. Secondly, the nature is simply unreal. You name it and Australia has it, this means beaches, forests, rainforests, deserts, mountains and the list continues. My favourite place is the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne, it is one of the most scenic coastal drives I have ever experienced. You can also see the best beaches, waterfalls, rivers and forests along the way too!