Nothern Italy: Best Food, Wine, and Travel Experiences

When you’re choosing which of the many Northern Italy tours you should take, you’ll notice that you have so much variety. There are plenty of itineraries out there that will make you want to book your tour right away.

Here are the things that you have to look forward to when you chose from the Italy tours available in the north of the country.

Wine Tasting in a Castle

When it comes to finding wineries in Italy it’s really not difficult. If you’re out in the countryside you only need walk for a few hundred meters and you’ll find yourself surrounded by grapevines. The one thing you might find difficult is to find one as beautiful as Le Torricelli. It is located inside the jaw dropping Castello di Agazzono which was built back in the 13th century. The guys at Le Torricelli grow their grapes in the soil on the hills surrounding the castle. The fermentation process all takes place in the medieval cellars, which of course are with the most sophisticated of equipment. Taking a tour of the medieval fortress followed by a wine tasting class is one of the best experiences you can have in the north of Italy. I think the best time to do this is in March when the Sorgente Del Vino Festival is taking place.

Vintage Vinegar Sampling

The town of Modena is lucky enough to be where two staples of Italian culture can be found. You’ll find the HQ of Ferrai and Maserati here, as well as the best balsamic vinegar the world has to offer. So when you’re in town why not link up with the experts and sample some of the vinegar. Head to Villa San Donning to taste the vinegar with a small but very accommodating local producer. You’ll be amazed by how the black stuff is made, learning about it really does make you appreciate it even more. The tours run all year long and can be booked with most tour operators. Don’t forget to stock up and bring a bottle home wth you!

The Food

Each region in Italy has its own special touch on the world famous food you find in the country. The north has some of the best food you will find anywhere in the world. Just looking at the menu will make your mouth water! If you’re looking for the best around then you have to try the following; Fontina Cheese (Aosta Valley), Antipasti (Piedmont), Pesto Bianco (Liguria) and Panettone (Lombardy).