New Delhi sights and sounds

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red-fort delhi

Delhi is said to be one of the oldest existing cities in history, with some accounts dating it back over 5000 years. It’s population is a diverse mix of Punjabis, Southern Indians and Bengalis. It’s high quality education attracts students from across the country and it’s variety of attractions bring in large numbers of tourists looking to get an authentic taste of India. Be sure to plan your trip well, Delhi has notoriously extreme weather, with 40C plus between April and June and Monsoons in July to September. The best time to go is after the monsoon period when the weather is milder.


Although the Taj Mahal in Agra gets most of the tourist attention, Delhi’s Red Fort (Lal Qila) is the jewel of the capital city built in the 1600s by the Mughal emperors. Make sure you go in the evening, when there’s an enchanting sound and light show, including a narration of the city’s history.


New Delhi is famed for it’s numerous festivals. Diwali, the festival of lights, runs for a month from mid October onwards and is a visual and audio treat for spectators and participants alike. Be sure to book your holiday at this time of year or around one of Delhi’s several festivals, they truly are a not to be missed experience.


If shopping is what you’re after then you are more than catered for in New Delhi. With dozens of markets and bazaars dotted across the city selling a diverse range of products you can lose days wandering around. Head to Connaught Place, the landmark shopping area of Delhi for your more conventional offerings. If you are looking for a more quirky experience then look no further than Janpath, situated close to Connaught Place, this is more of a huge flea market and is extremely popular with tourists and bargain hunters.