More to Cyprus than Agia Napa

Cyprus is one of those islands in the Med that has gained a reputation as a partying hotspot – and deservedly so if you go to one of the clubbing resorts like Agia Napa. However, many people decide not to go to Cyprus exactly because of this reputation, and they’re the ones who will actually be missing out on all the other sides to Cyprus.

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For a start, it’s a fabulous place to go off season. Due to its latitude, the island of Cyprus gets a much longer summer period than other Mediterranean holiday resorts and you can go for a sunshine break from early March through to the end of October or beginning of November. You can find flights to Cyprus year round at reasonable prices as several different budget airlines fly there.

As well as being a place that clubbers go on holiday, Cyprus also draws people who enjoy visiting historical and myth related places. This is the island of Aphrodite – the goddess of love and fertility.

Ancient tradition has placed Aphrodite’s birth in Limassol, and according to the myth, she was born from the waves off the coast of Cyprus. She was then brought to shore by soft breezes on a shell, as depicted by Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ which you can see in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. You can pay a visit to Aphrodite’s Rock by taking the coastal road from Paphos (25km) or Limassol. There isn’t much to see here apart from the rock, but visitors come in their thousands anyway.

Cyprus is also a great place for walking holidays – especially if you come during the cooler months of the year. Even in December you’ll get some nice walking weather. There is plenty of rugged coastline to walk along – and trails are numerous. The Forestry Department has 48 different trails that can be found around the island, from Kavo Greco in the south to Akamas in the west. Generally, most of these have gentle gradients and are often circular, so they’re suitable for all ages and abilities. They are also clearly signposted.  Inland, if you’re up for a bigger challenge you can hike along the spine of the Kyrenia Mountains – the trail is 143 km long.

Of course, this is only a taste of what Cyprus has to offer apart from its clubbing scene. It’s best to decide what you want from your holiday in Cyprus and use that information to decide where you’re going to stay. But it’s definitely worth discovering Cyprus for yourself, whatever kind of holidaymaker you are!