Luxury Holiday

Going on a holiday should always be relaxing and exciting, it should have everything that you want and more. So I was really happy to discover a new company that recently launched their website called The Luxury Holiday Company. I love travelling in luxury because it makes the whole holiday experience fantastic, and with a company such as this you can tailor your trip exactly to your liking.

I love their principle that ‘a holiday should spark joy’ because I think there’s no better way to describe the feeling we should have when we are on holiday or look back at it in the future. If you take a look at their destinations you will see that there are destinations for everyone in South America, Asia and Africa. Click here to take a look at where you can choose to explore.

There are plenty of itineraries on the website for you to check out, but remember that they are only an example of what you can do whilst on your luxury holiday. The Luxury Holiday Company can tailor the holiday to your needs. So before you go ahead and book anything you’ll be able to closely consult with one of their experts to plan the trip of a lifetime. Everyone has different ideas and ideas about the perfect trip so being able to talk it all through with an expert beforehand means that you can expect the perfect holiday. The experts that they have planning the trips are amazing; they are not just people that have travelled around the globe but people that have actually lived in the different destinations they offer. After living in Bangkok now for 4 years I can testify that you find out a lot more about a place when you live there, the ‘insider’ knowledge you gain is invaluable. The experts will be able to suggest activities and places to visit that you may not find in the guide book – this means you’re getting luxury plus exploring where few others have been.

It’s exciting just to think about the destinations and tailored itinerary, but then of course there’s the luxury that comes with it. If you’re living in the UK then you will be picked up by a complimentary airport chauffeur service, I think that’s the perfect way to get the holiday started. No hassle, no stress, just luxury from the moment you leave your house and arrive back again after a superb holiday. Once you reach the airport you will have access to first class airport lounges, even if you are flying economy.

When it comes to booking flights to exotic destinations I am sure that many of you know how tough and complicated it can be, for me it’s not relaxing at all. That’s why it was great to hear that The Luxury Holiday Company have access to a lot of flight routings that would be complicated or impossible to put together without their help.

All luxury holidays will of course come with top class accommodation, after exploring all day there’s nothing better than returning to a great hotel or villa and relaxing whilst looking over the photos you’ve taken that day. This amazing company has some seriously exclusive properties that they work with, some of which I know can be very difficult to get a booking with if you try to do it alone. The more exclusive the property, the more special the holiday feels and it will definitely be much more of a personal experience than staying in a big hotel.

I didn’t need anymore convincing that The Luxury Holiday Company were fantastic, I was sold! But there was more. When you’re away on your holiday you will have a consultant on call for the whole time if you need any assistance or advice. They have also developed their own mobile app that will have your destination info, GPS-powered maps, your itinerary and travel docs pre loaded on to it.

These guys certainly have it all – please do let me know if you choose to book through The Luxury Holiday Company, I would love to hear about how amazing your trip was.