Liverpool – A Rejuvenated City

Situated on the banks of the Mersey River made famous in the sixties by the pop group Gerry and the Pacemakers with their ‘Ferry across the Mersey’ hit, the city of Liverpool is steeped in history for both right and wrong reasons. The city itself goes back to the Twelfth century but is probably remembered as a hub for the slave trade where ships would sail to Africa before going on to America to bring back fruit and other produce. Much later of course during the 1980’s it is remembered for the striking dock workers, massive unemployment and the riots in the borough of Toxteth. However, times have changed and Liverpudlians, as they are known in England, are a resilient bunch and rather than dwell on the past have taken great steps in moving forward and celebrating their rich cultural history.

The major turning point for this city was the rejuvenation of the cities Albert Docks are. Formerly a huge storage and warehouse area for the maritime industry, this Industrial Revolution area has been completely transformed into a mixture of both business and residential areas and was the set for Liverpool’s European city of culture extravaganza in 2008.

Synonymous with Liverpool is also the cities musical traditions. There is probably not a single person in the world who has never heard of The Beatles. During the sixties this trio of scouse musicians really put Liverpool on the musical map. John, Paul, George and Ringo and many other talented individuals made the Cavern Club one of the hippest places to be seen and the Matthew Street venue can still be found. You can even do a sightseeing tour in the amphibious Yellow Submarine which takes you on a city tour before driving into the Mersey River for a quick spin.

Rejuvenation has also brought lots of tourists to the area and much of the city has been pedestrianized so the shopping area of Liverpool is a very accessible place . Most of the parking is situated outside of the town but there are plenty of shuttle buses and a metrolink service to get you in and out of town. Arriving by train is also an option as Lime Street Station is dead central. Despite its troubled past, the people of Liverpool have really embraced the future and you are sure of a very warm welcome if you decide to visit.