Last Minute Cruising and Stoppage Time

What if you are sitting around the flat on a Friday night watching a game of football when you have a eureka moment? You jump off the couch, knock over your lager and run into the other room to find your wife, girlfriend, lover or whoever it is you share the pad with. She has not seen you so excited in so long that she thinks you are experiencing some type of medical condition. Smiling, you take one look at her and say, “Honey, we’re going on a cruise!”. Click here to see what Virgin Holidays Cruises offer.

Cruise ship

Travelling and Football Metaphors

This kind of Friday night scenario really happens. When it does, you will be glad to find out that Virgin Atlantic is there for you, ready to help, guide and make the planning process as easy as possible. This last minute inspiration to go cruising happens to people all of the time; however, not everybody acts it. In fact, the idea usually fades like a badly taken corner kick, and the next day you get up and take the Tube to go to work when you should be cruising to Jamaica, St. Lucia or beautiful Barbados. Isn’t it time you acted on your eureka moment?

The art and beauty of the last minute cruise is the total lack of planning involved. Instead of worrying about buying a new swimsuit, packing, logistics, car rentals and all the other extraneous fluff and nonsense that goes into planning a holiday, you simply decide you want to go on holiday, and then you jump on the computer, hit a few keys, click and cruise. It is as simple as that, or as they say in Jamaica: No worries, man.

The Red Card

Of course, just because you book a last minute cruise does not mean you can take two weeks off from work at the last minute. In the boss’s eyes, that kind of thing might deserve a red card. However, if your boss wants to keep productivity high, they know how important a holiday is, whether it is last minute romp in the sun and surf, or a luxurious, pre-planned excursion to the Mediterranean.

Bend it Like Beckham

Whether you are enjoying the wave pool that sits atop your cruise liner like it is the mighty Pacific, or you have actually gotten off the boat to enjoy a surfing lesson, that wave is going to pipeline and bend it like Beckham, so you better be ready.

Aren’t you glad that Virgin Atlantic could make it happen? In fact, that’s only the beginning. Tonight in the cruise’s English themed bar there is a Manchester United versus Manchester City game on. Now that is cruising.