Jodhpur – Your Guide to the blue city

Jodhpur is the famous Blue city of India that lures tourists and travelers from within the country and abroad. It is a must to visit Jodhpur for those who go to Rajasthan. With all the buildings painted a sky blue, the city indeed looks incredible and makes a contrast to the dusty desert around.  If planning to go to Jodhpur, then just browse Rajasthan Holiday Packages beforehand to enjoy the best deals and take advantage of some amazing packages. This is the best way to enjoy the best of Jodhpur and well within your budget!

Have your documents in place
You will need a tourist visa if you are coming from abroad. It is highly recommended to get travel insurance during your stay just as an extra precaution for your health and luggage. Keep all your document safe and in a secure place.

When to go
Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan, is called the blue city as well as the “sun state” because of the fantastic sunny weather year round.  You will love the colorful sights of houses, décor and the people of this hidden gem. Depending on what you want to do, you can plan when to. The winter season is more pleasant and perfect time for sightseeing. However, the temperature can soar during the summer months from May until June.

What to wear
Jodhpur is flamboyant, and you will find women attired in colorful attires and gold anklets and bracelets. As the temperatures are warm during the day and you have plenty of walking to do, wear comfortable shoes and light cotton clothes. Keep light woolens for the chilly evenings as the sun goes down.

Foods to enjoy
You must have the Rajasthani Thali done in traditional style. You would love the classic Rajasthani cuisines and desserts along with their home-style hospitality. Traditional dishes include the atte ka halwa, curry made with chili, lapsi, badam halwa, kadhi pakoda, baajre ka sogra, chandaliya sabji and more. The famous restaurants in Jodhpur include names like Shandar Sweet House, Gypsy, Indique, and Janta Sweet House.

When to do and see
There is plenty to do and see in Jodhpur, and it is easy to move around as one can use Uber anytime. The Clock Tower is the most central place to meet your driver.

  • You will come across signs like cooking classes, Ayurveda massage, yoga class and -in art classes where one can go in for a unique experience and to understand the local culture.
  • A trip to the Mehrangarh Fort is a must. The fort is enormous and overlooks the entire city and boasts of marvelous architecture.
  • Jaswant Thada, also known as the “white palace” is made of marble. The palace is vast and impressive and a significant attraction.
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace is where the ex-royal family lives today. Today, it has been converted to a hotel and boasts of the museum. It is an incredible experience to tour the palace.
  • Take the Bishnoi Village Tour, and it is indeed worth doing. The Bishnoi village is really unique and with a couple of hours spent with the tribe helps you understand their lives and how they make their rugs and how they cook in their unique huts.
  • Check out the Stepwell, and the huge stairwell takes you down. It is indeed a beautiful Instagram worthy spot!

You can always explore the Blue city on foot and wander around. Take pictures to your heart’s content, and you will find plenty of interesting sports and happenings. The massive city is like a great mystery that unfolds as you go through it. You can explore the temples, ruins, and monuments that are scattered throughout. You can shop, or eat on your way when and where you want.