Jobs You Can Do From Home


Are you a stay at home mum and you’re looking for ways to bring in a bit of extra cash while the kids are napping, at school or at a friends house? Maybe you already work part time out of the home but you’re looking for something to do from home to top up your earnings a touch. With so many great ways to make money today, there’s a number of options you have to work online or out of the home – here are some of the most popular.

Avon Representative

Okay, it might sound a bit 1970s, but being an Avon rep has a whole lot of advantages. Not only can you score epic deals on wholesale Avon products including bath stuff, perfume and makeup, but you can make a tidy side commission the more you sell. There are a number of other great makeup companies these days that do the same thing, allowing people to work from home including Mary Kay, Younique and Scentsy.

Online Marketer

If you’re keen and knowledgeable in the world of online marketing and you know your ins and outs with things like SEO, you might just be what some companies are looking for to join their teams of knowledgeable SEO experts. When it comes to search engine optimisation, it’s an industry that shows no signs of slowing down, so there’s always space for more people who know what they’re doing.

Social Media Guru

Believe it or not, one of the top ways that people can work from home these days is by becoming something of a social media guru. We don’t mean becoming an Instagram influencer (although that works too), but if you know your way around the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, you can actually sell your services to people who need help (or don’t have time) to manage their own pages. This can be ridiculously lucrative depending on the amount of posting they want done as well as the size of their business or following.

DropShipping Shops

People are going mad for dropshipping today and for good reason. Dropshipping is essentially where you open an online store through the likes of Shopify and sell products via a third party wholesaler who ships it on your behalf. Sounds easy, right? It is! The best results come from having a website or blog that people follow and then selling products via dropshipping that are relevant with the blog. Have a beauty blog? Sell beauty products. Fashion blog? Fashion products, and so forth.

So whatever your reasons for wanting to work from home, these are just a couple of the great ways you can start making that money without ever leaving the house. Awesome right?