It’s time for a different kind of Christmas in the Canary Islands

If you want to escape the cold that winter brings then you should head for the sun of the Canary Islands. There is nothing better that sunbathing in a hammock on Christmas day and forgetting all about the wind and rain back home. With superb sunshine all year round the islands make for the perfect destination for those looking to soak up some rays. What makes the Christmas time even more special here are the sculptors from all over the globe that come to make sand sculptures of the famous nativity scenes. The sand sculptures appear on the beaches and can be as big as 4 meters high, the locals say that they are without question the best in the world! 

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Gran Canaria

This is the island you need to be on if you love hiking! You can walk along the beaches, desert patches and also the more mountainous areas of the island to enjoy the views and hiking trails. What’s more, it is the hottest of all the islands here, the temperature rarely goes below 20 degrees Celsius. Gran Canaria is also well know for being the island with a thriving nightlife, it’s no wonder it is so popular.

So it’s time for you to escape the weather back home this Christmas and head for the Canary Islands, check out Promotur Turismo Canarias for some of the best deals on offer! Have great Christmas on the beach!

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