Ideas for a Family Holiday with a Difference

Whenever the opportunity arises, taking a break with the family is a great way to unwind and spend some time together. Booking a family holiday is a simple task, particularly with a wide range of packages available for families of all kinds. However, the best holidays are unique.

Thailand beach

Here, we take a look at several fresh options for a family holiday that are a little out of the ordinary.


All inclusive Swiss ski trip

When the Alps are covered with snow, there are few better places to head in Europe. Whether your family are seasoned pros or beginners when it comes to skiing, spending some time on the slopes is a great way to let your hair down as a group.

The Swiss Alps are among the most beautiful in the region, providing a backdrop for your activities, which changes with the weather. Unanimously considered one of the best places to ski in the world, it will come as no surprise to learn that Swiss resorts are also amongst the world’s finest.


Luxury break in Thailand

If you’re keen to escape the well travelled continent of Europe and find some truly exotic beaches, Thailand is the choice for you. In addition to the wealth of world class beaches, visitors to Thailand are spoilt by some truly delicious cuisine.

With the perfect climate and some of the world’s finest scenery, there are few places more desirable for Club Med luxury breaks than the country of Thailand. Phuket is the obvious choice for utmost luxury, pampering and general holiday delight for all the family.


A taste of Africa and the East in Morocco

Africa’s north coast offers Europeans some spectacular and exotic culture, relatively close to home. The country of Morocco is a great introduction to the region, coupling the laid back atmosphere of Africa, with the beauty of the Middle East.

Not only is Morocco home to a variety of excellent beaches, but visitors can also marvel at the quaint and narrow streets and bazaars. The magic of Morocco’s streets makes it a fantastic destination for those travelling with youngsters and as you’d expect from the region, Morocco has a unique and addictive cuisine. The country offers visitors a perfect blend of history, culture and sheer luxury, which we all need when taking some time away with the family.