Unfortunately, my backpacking buddies, travelling to new places costs money, and a fair chunk of it. Each and every person has a dream destination that he or she has wanted to visit and those bucket lists just keep getting longer. However, considering the amount of money it would cost to stay at hotels at all our hotspots, many of us have suffered serious setbacks in our plans to hit the road (ok, ok enough disappointment!).


Couch surfing it fun

Well, that is not the case anymore. With time, travel lovers have come up with inexpensive ways of touring around the globe without breaking the bank. Accommodations have been known to be very pricey everywhere in the world, but for those who want to save loads of cash when it comes to where to rest your head for the night, here are some of the most inexpensive ways to hit the hay for cheap:

Bypass hostels and stay with a local next time you travel. This way, you get free accommodation AND get a chance to truly experience the local culture. Your local host can show you the ‘real’ side of the place you’re visiting, hidden bars, local eateries and give you endless advice about what (and what not) to see.  The experience you will get from couchsurfing is like no other and it’s no surprise why this practice is booming. I’m a huge advocate of couchsurfing , and I urge you guys to give it a try next time you hit the road.


Time Share Rentals
Hotels and time share resorts are two entirely different animals. Hotels cannot afford to offer the same amenities as these resorts. Here, you get your own private balcony, living rooms, multiple bedrooms, kitchens and exciting perks such as hot tubs, swimming pools, spas as well as an on site restaurant. All at the same price (or less!) than you would have paid for a hotel room. Time share rentals are not a new thing, but what is new is that you can rent them directly from the owners now allowing you to bypass the rack resort rate. No guided tours here, guys, this is independent luxury at its finest.

cool hostels around the world

Some hostels are so cool

Budget travelers can enjoy a cheap AND social environment when staying at a hostel, two huge pluses. Generally speaking you rent a bed in a dorm which can range anywhere from 2 to 16 beds to a single room, so don’t expect too much privacy! Unless of course you fork out extra and stay in a private room, but they normally run at triple the price. Families can also stay at hostels too, but do your research, you don’t want to drag your kids to a hostel famed for it’s nighttime escapades. Some hostels even include hot meals (breakfast is common) and discounted tours to elsewhere in the region.

3 ways to avoid breaking that golden budget folks, make sure to give them a try next time round. Happy travels!