How to train for Kilimanjaro

I am currently preparing to reach the summit of the iconic Kilimanjaro. In a little over a month I will getting on the plane to start my journey to Tanzania and then on to the northern part to take on Mount Kilimanjaro.

kilimanjaro train

If you’re planning, like me, to conquer Kilimanjaro then you need to take your preparation very seriously indeed. After you’ve booked your trip and round one of the best guides for Kilimanjaro it’s time to get to work. You need to start putting in the hard yards now so that your trip will be a success and worth all your time and effort. I want this to be a special achievement in my life and one that I look back on with a huge smile whilst I remember every moment of it.

My preparation is going well, the expedition I am joining gave me some really awesome training tips that I have been sticking to. I am starting to see some real results as my training gets more and more intense. I thought it would be great for an amateur like me to share how I am getting into shape for this trip. Let me know if you have any advice, it’s all very welcome and means we can all be in this together to achieve our goals!

Start as soon as you can

The amount of training you need to do really depends on the kind of shape that you’re already in. If you’re already doing some form or cardio or aerobic exercise more than 3 times per week you will need to hit your training hard for about 3 months. If however you are starting from zero then it’s a very good idea to getting going 6 months in advance at the very minimum. Don’t go to hard at first, you want to gradually build up your strength, so always look to progress week by week.

Consistency is key

You should keep your training consistent and not do it in fits and starts, a golden rule is to never take off more than 2 days from your training – if you do then you will only suffer later on. It is better to have a quick run, walk or hike even if you are pressed for time instead of doing nothing.

Get ready

By this I mean you need to start building both your menial and physical strength. Nearly every pro will tell you that it’s your mind that is going to take you to the top of the mountain. I really do believe the saying that ‘your mind will carry you when your body will not follow’ so get psyched up now – remember that quitting is not an option and that you can push yourself further than you think you can.