How to keep warm at winter

When the winter chill kicks in we all know that it’s important to keep warm, but keeping warm is not our only priority these days. We want to be warm and snug but also still be looking our best! With the amount of options there are out there, especially at stores such as Get The Label, looking stylish when the cold comes is easier than it ever has been.


I think that I actually prefer the winter months because it allows me to use and match so many clothes from my wardrobe – the jumpers all come out, warm cosy shirts and big boots.

Here are the main things that will be keeping me warm when the chill comes around again:

The Jumper

A must for anyone who isn’t heading off to warmer climates during the winter months or for anyone who likes to holiday in the snow! Jumpers are ideal for wearing both inside and outside the house. The best colours to go for are always, in my opinion, navy or red because they work perfectly with jeans and also really bring out that wintery mood. They’re also ideal for wearing under a light jacket if you don’t fancy carrying around that big one you put on when the temperature really starts to drop!

The Shirt

T-shirts are forgotten about during the winter months and our shirts really are worth their weight in gold because we wear them so much. My best buy to date has to be the Armani Mens Denim Long Sleeve Shirt that I picked up online at a great price! It’s fashionable, looks great with a scarf and you can wear a t-shirt underneath if you want to add another layer of colour to your outfit. I think the denim look really does work well a nice navy scarf and jeans, always a winner!

The Boots

I love digging in to my wardrobe and pulling out my boots, it’s not often that I get to wear them because they’re so warm. Often a lot of us neglect how cold our feet will get when it’s cold or snowing outside, so it’s more important to make sure your warm rather than fashionable on this front. The Timberland boots are what keep my feet warm, they’re also prefect in the snow and when it’s icy outside.