How to get the best out of your Private Tutor in Hong Kong

The first rule to get the best out of a tutor is to choose the right tutor. This might seem obvious but if you don’t make an informed decision you will face problems in the future. If you can find a platform where you can read reviews from past students/parents then you will be able to make the best decision possible. There is no substitute for getting the opinions of your peers, they will be honest and extremely helpful. A great tutor doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a fortune, if you’re looking for an english tutor Hong Kong, there are sites where you can see reviews that will let you know who is your best value for money.


Here are a few more things to check:

– You should check the tutor’s knowledge of his/her tutoring subject.

– Their methods of teaching. We all know that knowledge alone does not make a good teacher.

– Meet with the tutor before you start, this will allow you talk and understand each other. You will also be able to see what the tutor’s personality is like. Sometimes the best teachers are the ones that can build a rapport with their students – this is extremely important when teaching children.


How much should you pay?

Private tutor Hong Kong (?????? ??) fees can sometimes be very reasonable, but they can sometimes be very expensive. The fee’s usually vary between $100 – $800 per hour. The price does not allows indicate that the tutor will be best for you, again read the reviews so that you are well informed. There are many things that can impact on the price of the tutor:

– The are that you are living. If you are living in an affluent area or major city then the price will be more expensive because so is the cost of living.

– Tutors that have special teaching degrees/qualifications usually charge a higher fee.

– Some tutors might have developed an excellent reputation over many years of tutoring. This means they are in high demand and therefore their hourly rate will match the demand.