Want to travel to Australia at the same time work to get more money for fun and travel? Wouldn’t it be fun if you could just get enough money to travel to Australia not worrying about how much you are going to spend there because you will be working for only a few hours a day? Then the rest of the day… you could just go to the beach, visit the kangaroos and have a party.

The Australian Government may have just thought of the kind of person you are when they came up with the Australian Working Holiday Maker Visa. This visa is just tailored for the young traveler wanting to supplement their travel expenses by working in the country. With this visa, you get to travel around the country doing some work for fun, camp in free spots and eat fresh fruits.

This visa will allow you to stay in Australia for up-to one year and what is amazing, is that you are not tied up to stay in the country, freedom is the key thing here, you can leave the country as you like and return to continue with your travel. If you are still studying, you are allowed to study here for up to four months.

Getting an Australian Working Holiday Visa is easy. First, you must be a young person between the ages of 18-30.If applying from outside Australia, one should have a return ticket or just enough bucks to get back home which is about 1000-1800US$ for a return ticket to USA. You should also be able to meet the health and character requirements and don’t forget, you should be able to provide some evidence of some post secondary qualifications. The visa will cost you only AU$280(about 287US$) and If you apply in person it should be out in one day.

In Australia, you can make some good cash by getting yourself into some employment.A favorite work place for travelers and backpackers is the Harvest Trail, where foreigners have the rare opportunity to travel all over Australia doing some jobs such as harvesting grapes, picking mangoes in Darwin and other sort of jobs. You have the guarantee of fully enjoying yourself, having lots of laughs in the fields, you can camp at night and not having to worry about hostel charges and at the same time get some bucks for the next travel around the beautiful Australia.

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